Freight Brokerage




Cal Tex Transportation is a licensed and bonded transport service specializing in the transportation of trucking freight throughout the U.S. Our staff of highly experienced professionals strive to meet all of your transportation logistics needs. Our company goal is to provide you with quality freight service at a fair price and timely manner. Cal Tex Transportation and its network of trucking carriers are set up to help distribute your products from all corners of the US.  As a licensed and bonded freight company we arrange the trucking and logistics for your goods  between U.S destinations.  We work with you in providing your customers with first rate trucking service by handling your freight needs in a cost-efficient manner. We work diligently to meet our deadlines and will work in finding quality carriers for your transportation needs. Our freight service deals only with bonded and reputable companies.  We thoroughly screen all carriers to ensure that we hire only the best contractors to carry your freight.




Cal Tex Transportation is an experienced freight broker, providing you with profitable lanes, better rates and quicker settlements. In fact, as a freight broker, Cal Tex Transportation takes pride in paying our carriers within 25 days  a standard that's difficult to match in the industry.  Our freight brokerage service incorporates a terminal base in one of United States busiest cities, enabling our carriers to choose from a diverse selection of freight. As a result, you maximize your equipment and driver performance. As your freight broker , Cal Tex Transportation can assist in meeting your needs. Whether you need someone to manage your fleet or provide central dispatch, Cal Tex Transportation's  freight brokerage service can help.  As a key component of our freight brokerage service, we update our carrier profiles regularly so that Cal Tex Transportation will keep your fleet moving and profitable. Our goal is to help you identify new opportunities that will keep you productive and profitable. For more information on Cal Tex Transportation as a freight broker contact us today.