Less - Than - Truckload / LTL
Heavy Haul 




Less-than-truckload (LTL) shipments grew from a demand for products and services that were not being provided elsewhere.   Unfortunately, these methods of shipping did not always satisfy business needs.  And now, more than ever, there is more pressure from small to medium-sized companies that need to send something outside the bounds of a courier service or a container, and needing to make shipments which are not a full truck load. 


Heavy haul trucking is the hauling of oversize or overweight freight.  Generally, shipping heavy equipment will require specialized trailers that can haul over dimensional or overweight loads.  Heavy equipment hauling requires an expert to determine the right trailer for the job.

Step Deck 



Step Deck Trailers are otherwise known as drop deck types and they are in fact a version of the flatbed trailer design that mainly consists of a bottom and top deck. These trailers are specifically designed to carry and haul freights that cannot be carried or transported on a standard type of flatbed, which is usually due to height restrictions. 

Services Offered


Flatbeds are extremely popular and are widely used because they exude a great sense of versatility. Generally, a flatbed is used to load freights on its tip, sides, and rear. With these capabilities, flatbeds have truly become the primary and leading assets of the trucking industry.